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Today was terrific, mostly. I was sad that Patrick had to work, which was a total bummer but necessary. I got to hang out with my family, which was really fun if not a little stressful. Holidays with family are always that way, but so long as the fun outweighs the stress, I can handle it. And will always love it. Good food, great company. 

I convinced my sister to let me take my niece, Shyann, home with me. I love playing with my nieces, and the older they get… the more fun it is. We played and she is so freaking smart. I have a little funny story to tell…

My family calls me Jessi Bob. It started with my brother, when I was a little kid (I think… who knows these days where things begin). My entire life, my cousins, aunts, and uncles have always called me Bob, Bobber, Jessi Bob, Beanpole Bob… you know, variations of being skinny, being named Jessica, and having a nickname of Bob. Why Bob, I couldn’t tell you. 

Anyway, not many people call me that anymore except my cousins. My brother-in-law, Brandon (Shyann’s dad), however, does. He likes to razz people, and anything that he knows irks them even minutely (because, let’s face it, there are worse things than an affectionate nickname), he’ll use. Today, Shyann called me Jessi Bob when I walked into the house. I laughed, but she continued to do it all day. I knew that Brandon was behind it. I knew he had brainwashed her to use it.

When Shyann was here, she was rambling on (like 3-year-olds do) and said ‘Jessi Bob and Patrick’. I called Sarah to check in (she always is all paranoid when I take Shyann for a little while) and told her about the Jessi Bob thing (she hadn’t heard her say it all day). She was laughing and told Brandon. He admitted that he told her about it. But he said, and I quote, “Well, I told Shyann that Jessi Bob is really SpongeBob’s sister… which is why she’s with Patrick.” 

It was the funniest thing ever. Shyann thought it was too cool that I’m related to SpongeBob. Ha! Fun stuff. I was going to write about Taylor Swift, too… but I am tired and am gonna go to bed now. :P